Happy New Year
Right now winter is holding us in a firm grasp. But it wonít be long until the nights get shorter, days longer, horses start to shed and then the exciting arrival of new foals! And right behind that will be clipping, loading trailers and heading to shows.
Our Winter Meeting is January 28 at Jollies Restaurant at Ridgefield. Starting time for the BOD meeting is 9:30 and the General meeting will begin at 1. Be sure to come and have breakfast or lunch as the room is free if we have enough people dining.
We are excited to have the Newsletter being published again and the newest edition will be out soon. Thank you to Barbara Kahl for taking on the task of editor!
As always we are hoping to have more volunteers added to the list of committees. Itís a great way to help your club with organizing projects for the future.
Hope to see each of you at the Winter Meeting!
Susie g

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