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The MARK BULLINGTON VERSATILITY is applied for by individual NWMHC members. Description and form for this award is found here.

Mark Bullington Versatility Award Program


The Northwest Miniature Horse Club goal for this program is to stimulate club membership and interest by recognizing and rewarding youth and amateur members who participate in a variety of miniature horse related activities.



A little bit about Mark

Mark Joel Bullington
November 7, 1955 - May 14, 2012


As the "Voice of the Northwest Miniature Horse Club" for over 20 years, Mark was not only the club's announcer but also an active member, Board Member and advocate for the miniature horse industry. His love for this club and it's members shone through his ability to make each and everyone feel important. Whether you won first or last in your class at a NWMHC Show, Mark had a way of making it sound like you were the most important person in the show to win an award. 


Our youth and amateur members were especially important to Mark. He supported all of their activities with their miniature horses. Being the emcee at the annual award banquet was a highlight of Mark's life, as presenting those awards to his "special" people enabled him to acknowledge each and every one of them personally. 

This award, established in Mark's name, will continue to recognize our youth and amateur members in a very special way, even long after he is gone.

Program Requirements 


  • Open to youth, amateur, and VSE
  • Must be a current year member of NWMHC
  • Open to both registered and non registered miniature horses
  • Must participate in 2 or more separate categories for award eligibility
  • Participants to record activities and submit form


Community Service – 10 points each

  • Nursing homes

  • Retirement center

  • Children’s homes

  • Hospitals

  • School visits

NWMHC Activities

  • Attend club meetings – 25 points

  • Serve on a committee – 15 points

  • Attend Clinic – 10 points

  • Attend NWMHC Show (as spectator or participant) – 5 points

Miscellaneous – 10 points each

  • Parades

  • Street Fairs

  • Costume Contests

  • Feed Store/Pet Store visit

  • Drill Team

  • Seminars

  • 4-H

  • Trail Drives/Walks


Animal Assisted Therapy Program

Program will run from February 1st through October 1st of each year.

Completed forms to be sent to Katie Hansen

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