Year End Awards


Exhibitors who are NWMHC members are eligible for year end class awards. Open and amateur exhibitors are required to show in a minimum of three approved shows. Youth exhibitors are required to show in a minimum of two approved shows. A High Point and a Reserve High Point will be awarded for each category. 

Year End Award Program

Congratulations to all the 2021 Year End Award Winners!



All new members  showing in at least two youth or three adult recognized shows will be awarded a Rookie Award Certificate.


These awards are those which are sponsored by individual farms.

 *  TWIGGY AWARD  -  Awarded to the one Youth/Horse team who accumulated the most points in all Youth driving classes, including obstacle driving.

 *  HIGHEST POINTED YOUTH - Awarded to the Youth who accumulated the most points in the Youth Division.

*  HEERMAN ALL AROUND TROPHY - Awarded to the horse who accumulated the most points in his/her respective halter class and their top four open performance classes.


Two awards, the MARK BULLINGTON VERSATILITY and the OSET/WASET AWARD, are applied for. Descriptions and forms for these awards are found here.